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The grass is always greener right here July 18, 2008

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Marco...finally chillin' out in Tijuana

Marco...finally chillin' out in Tijuana

Kira, Santana & Sienna..ready to snorkel!

Kira, Santana & Sienna..ready to snorkel!
Family at la Escuela

Family at la Escuela

Are we relaxing yet?

Two weeks into our trip and I think the manic behaviour we had all adopted before our departure is beginning to dissipate.

In the months leading up to this trip our family had been consumed by a driving force to finish all of the things that needed to be finished in order for us to feel that it was a good thing to be taking off into the wide blue yonder for 7 months. The renovation of our home which had been ongoing for more than two years was suddenly pushed into overdrive as we had decided to rent the house out as a holiday rental as a way of paying the bills during our absence.

Marco spent his days on the house and his nights in the recording studio finishing up a major project for clients. Sleep was a luxury.

I spent my days working as a teachers aide at the local highschool, two afternoons a week teaching art and evenings and weekends preparing for a major exhibition of my paintings which was hopefully to finance a large proportion of our trip.

The girls had spent their days at school and evenings and weekends alternatively helping out or avoiding the line of fire.

My exhibition was a great success……we breathed a sigh of relief knowing the mortgage was paid for a couple of months, raised $1500.00 for La escuela de in Tijuana (thank you to Lisa, Karen and Barbara) and sat down to open the moneyboxes we had all been tossing coins into for the past year. Sienna was excited to find she had saved almost $800.00, Santana had put in a valiant last minute effort and come up with nearly $600.00 and Marco and I were happy to find nearly $3000.00 in our can. Obviously this was not going to last the whole 7 months but it was a start and we were both confident that we could make some money along the way…somehow! Sienna offered to busk with her recorder in Mexico, Santana declined when I suggested she could belly dance ( which she is very good at) in town centres along the way.

I finished up at work the week before we left and we all threw ourselves into organising, packing the house up and finishing it off at the same time..Marco and I felt like automated zombies on speed…no sooner would we finish one task than our eyes and minds were locked onto the next thing..the beauty we were creating in our home had no time to be enjoyed and we consoled ourselves with the fact that we would enjoy the fruits of our labour when we returned from our trip. Wonderful neighbours and friends turned up at odd times to help with whatever and for this we are extremely grateful.

The night before we left we worked until 2am, doing the finishing touches, hanging the paintings…Marco;” Where do you want this one?” Me:bleary eyed “Put it wherever you want…”

We left at 4am with our trusty chaffeur Scotty and arrived in Sydney to find out all our flights had been cancelled. Marco’s mum had given us the amazing gift of enough frequent flyer points for all of our tickets but it meant that Sienna and Marco were flying together on Qantas and Santana and I were heading off on United…this all changed and Santana and I were placed on an Air Pacific flight with a 3 hour stop in Fiji while Marco and Sienna were left at the airport on standby. They waved us off not knowing when we would see each other and hoping they would make it to LA sooner rather than later.

Strangely enough this scenario caused us no stress..we were all just relieved to be standing around doing nothing for the first time in months, no lists, no countdown, no work..bliss!

Santana & Sienna at abuelitas

Santana & Sienna at abuelitas

We have now been officially on holidays for 15 days and things are starting to feel more relaxed. A strange jetlag (or maybe accumulated exhaustion) overtook us for the first ten days and all of us found it hard to drag ourselves out of bed. Normally up at 7 we found ourselves in delicious slumber until 9 or 9.30…waking still strangely tired and a little unmotivated to do anything…I wonder why!

Curly fries on the beach at San Clemente

Curly fries on the beach at San Clemente

California has been gorgeous this past 2 weeks, beach days, hanging with friends and family…a two day trip to Tijuana merits another blog which I will start on soon. Meanwhile enjoy the photos and check in next week for more…

lots of love

Tracy, Marco, Santana & Sienna



ps Upcoming itinerary; Sunday;leave Carlsbad, on to san Clemente, heading North to Ventura, Monterrey, Kelseyville, Sequoia Forest and on to Portand..then up to British Columbia sailing and back down to Portland for a month…South to Fresno, back to Southern California then down to Puerto escondido, oaxaca, Mexico for two months in the tropical sun..back up to california for Christmas and Jan..home early Feb!

Snacking on succulents!
Snacking on succulents!
Escuela de esperanza, Tijuana

Escuela de esperanza


20 Responses to “The grass is always greener right here”

  1. bertrand lalanne Says:

    I can’t believe how active you guys are. Very healthy and happy
    looking family. Marco keep pumpin’ those calves…. they look a
    bit small 🙂
    Lots of love from Bert&Dianne

  2. angela Says:

    HI Tracy and Family,
    It was nice to hear from you the photos look great. We are just about to start school. Iam looking forward to a fun and busy term three.Keep having lots of fun,
    take care

  3. Karen Quigley Says:

    I am so jealous…. back to school for us tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about you all enjoying your vacation in the sun whilst we endure the remaining chilly months. Keep well y’all.
    Love Karen

  4. dawn Says:

    what a wonderful time ur all having
    say hi 2 marco santana and sienna
    enoy ur bday tues 22 jul
    love aunty dawn uncle bob and family

  5. Kim Lorraine Says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing your dream with us all
    we can all be where you are by eMAIL.
    How proud you all must be to be such a team family to pull off a wonderful task as excellent as you did!
    ~Enjoy ~ Relax~Live Life to the Fullest~
    ~~Love & Light & Angel Blessings where ever you go~~~
    Kim,Todd,Jack,Marcus,Taj and Ebony

  6. BenAnji Says:

    Great to hear you are enjoying your time in US and Mexico. I’ll make a spot for this site on my blog as well as save it to favourites… love to you all. B and A
    p.s. Geoff and Dee got married on the weekend…

  7. harshsingal Says:

    Great Pics and sounds fun also 🙂

  8. marz! Says:

    yay!!! you made it! when you guys make your way back down south we’ll do a mammoth get together!! (maybe i’ll tag along for the mex portion! 🙂 safe travels! xoxo,m!

  9. Mum Says:

    wonderful photos,wonderful daughter love you Mum

  10. Ged Says:

    Hi there happy travellers. Welcome back to planet earth and all of the relaxation that it can provide. I hope by now the energy is flowing and life looks like one long and happy holiday.
    May today bring you the opportunity to do something that you never have before.
    Lots of love to you all,

  11. Jenny Says:

    Hello to you all,now the school holidays are finally over and I have no more grandkids to look after I finally have had time to sit and read through your blog It sounds as though you are having a wonderful time, in fact I feel like doing a “Thelma and Louise”and joining you I am so envious what a wonderful life experience for Santana and Sienna Take Care ,Enjoy and Love to you all
    Jenny and all the family

  12. mum Says:

    beautiful photos,beautiful family,beautiful daughter, love Mum in Cairns

  13. Kaz & Woody Says:

    Hi Tracy & Marco,
    Glad to see you guys are having a great time
    Take care
    Love kaz & Woody

  14. emily & moeisha Says:

    lovely photos, looks like fun!!! love emily and moe xoxoxox

  15. jim Says:

    those succulents look pretty tasty.

  16. mum Says:

    hope you didnt get all shook up with earthquake, of course news is always dramatised on television email me let me know you are all OK love from everyone in Cairns

  17. Nikki Says:

    Where are ya now!!! It’s so weird seeing you at places I’ve visited, San Simeon, Hearst Castle, CARMEL….hey…I’ve yet to go the Aquarium! I want to go on an adventure in a Subaru Outback named Minerva. My style…definately.
    So happy for you…sounds like the Verdugo’s are having the time of there lives….except in Oakland? That reminded me of that movie…”Family Vacation”!!!!

  18. Nikki Says:

    Happy California Trails!!

  19. Jenny Says:

    Hello to you all, wow it looks as though you are having a fantastic time,Take Care Lots of Love

  20. Victoria Says:

    Hi Guys, wow what an adventure! You are doing something that will only ever be a ‘pipe’ dream for so many others!!! I noticed that you were heading back to California…I have some contacts in San Diego which I could try and link you up with if you ever need to….

    love ‘n’ hugs,

    Victoria (Hancock-Ford)

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