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Two months in Portland October 27, 2008

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Oct 23rd, 2008

Grammys beautiful garden & gorgeous Charlotte!

Grammys beautiful garden & gorgeous Charlotte!

Hello from the tropics..Part 1
Soooooooo..its catch up time again. Amazing how I have so much time now yet my time management skills are obviously on vacation along with the rest of me. I’m sitting here in the tropics in one of my favourite places on the planet- Puerto Escondido. The name means hidden port and although things have changed in the 16 years since we last visited, in many ways it is still a secret destination. Before I go any further on our current destination I need to fill in the blanks since I last wrote….
We arrived back in Portland mid August and enjoyed a few weeks of magic late Summer on the lake with Rick & Sharon. Easy days swimming and walking and long evening dinners outside overlooking the water. One evening we all went along to a Hot August nights Party put on by the Lake Oswego Board. We were lucky enough to be right where the action was on the back deck of the Barmans’ beautiful home right next door to the large stage that had been erected for the much anticipated Beach Boys cover band,  Papa Do Run Run.. Hundreds of boats filled the water as  the US’ best Beach Boys cover band filled the night with the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s….the food and wine flowed and we all danced under the sunset…good vibrations indeed
Funnily Marco realised immediately that this band had actually performed at his highschool dance in 1976  The line up had changed a little but some of the original members had been performing together since 1965  After the gig we met up with Jimmy, the original member and bass player and Marco had a good chat to him about the original line up and stunned him with his memory of the instruments used for that performance.

Hot August night party

Hot August night party

It was around this time that the girls and I finally set up a schedule for school…winging it was just not working out so we set aside the mornings and made up a roster for what they would study each day. Amazingly both of them got right to work once they had something tangible to work to.
Sharon kindly let us take over her dining room and turn it into a creative space and workroom for our art and scrapbooking endeavours and Sienna went into production mode making beautiful origami peace crane earrings. We secured a one time spot at the busy Lake Oswego Farmers markets and set up a stall with some of my paintings, some pendants I had been making and Siennas earrings. She worked day in and day out leading up to the market day and successfully sold more than a dozen pairs…she was thrilled but to date I haven’t been able to persuade her to make anymore..maybe she just needs a break.

Our market stall

Our market stall

girls at Multnomah Falls

girls at Multnomah Falls

Originally we had planned to leave Portland around the first week of Sept to head South but we were also relying on some work to come through to finance the next portion of the trip. Marco spent a couple of weeks renovating his moms floor which turned into a full office renovation with spectacular results and then at the beginning of Sept when we were beginning to wonder if we should head back to California to look for work, the anticipated job came through. In Chinese astrology Marco was born in the year of the Ox and its times like these that his stamina, determination and single mindedness shine through. For 3 weeks including weekends  he rose at 4am and came home around 5pm slogging it out in order for us to be able to pay our bills at home and make the next part of the trip a reality. The girls and I worked on school and explored some of the other sights of Portland….the malls, the Zoo and the op shops….actually Santana wanted nothing to do with the Op shops ( thrift stores in the US), but Sienna and I discovered the Milwaukie Goodwill..a giant warehouse where nothing is sorted..everything is dumped into giant bins and sold at $1.39 a pound. The thrill is in diving into the bins and sifting through the rubbish to find some treasures. Santana thought the whole idea was thoroughly disgusting but Sienna and I had fun on several occasions..each to his/her own right?
The long Summer evenings began to shorten in Sept and the weather turned decidedly cooler. In the evenings we sat in Ricks Den with a glass of red wine and watched the political gymnastics in the lead up to the Elections. All of us cheering on Obama, Sharons outraged commentary at the Palin/McCain antics were almost as hysterical as the TV itself
Staying a little longer also allowed us to catch up with friends we had not seen for a long time..we enjoyed wonderful dinners with Kip and Carl , Mason & Linda  and Doug & Teresa & Keith & Julie.
Marco and I also did a gig at Café Airplay in downtown Portland and went out a few times to watch other local musicians.
Towards the end Sienna a

Airplay Cafe gig

Airplay Cafe gig

nd I embarked on a “Get into bikini shape routine” and diligently did sit ups and leg exercises and went for long works in the beautiful forests of Tryon State Park….Santana swanned around while we sweated, having been blessed with the metabolism I used to have pre entering my 40’s
On Sept 27th we loaded up Minerva once again (leaving several boxes of stuff to be mailed that would not fit in ), said our tearful goodbyes to Grandpa Rick, Grammy, Gracie, Griffen and Charlotte and hit the road again. This time we would not be heading down the coast road but would take the I5 for most of the way spending time with friends and camping in Yosemite along the way.


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