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About January 25, 2008

We are the Verdugo family; Marco, Tracy, Santana & Sienna. between us we paint, sing, sketch, make music, photograph, write & film. We are on a seven month creative journey which will take us from Southern California up the coast to Oregon, on to British Columbia and then South again all the way to Oaxaca in Mexico. Marco and Tracy form two thirds of the band The Long Goodbyes and will be gigging along the way. Tracy is a successful artist and will be collecting ideas along the way for her next exhibition back home in Australia. The girls will be homeschooled along the way, attend Spanish language school in Mexico for two months and also help to create a documentary about their trip. Tracy hopes to publish a book about their adventures and the ups and downs of living a life less ordinary.

The Verdugos are also long time supporters of The School of Hope (El Colegio de esperanza) in Tijuana, mexico and will be raising funds and awareness about the school throughout their trip.

Stay tuned for weekly updates on our adventures!

The Verdugos

The Verdugos


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Kip Says:

    Hi Guys,
    fun to read about your adventures and your stamina. Guess I had all that way back when as well……
    Please let me know about when you plan to be in Portland so I can be sure that Kaitlin and Santana meet before they HAVE to meet next June!

    Have a great time, stay well. Kip

  2. Leslie Says:

    Hi Verdugo family, you look like you are so o o o o relaxed now. Good for you

    The CWA (of which I am NOT a member) has Mexico as their country of study this year. I offered to lend them a very poor souvenir of the “Aztec” calendar I picked up in Texas once. Now they have invited me to speak on it at a lunch this week. Is it OK if I tell them about you volunteering at El colegio de esperanza? I will take info from the web site



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